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Services We Provide

  • On-Site Dance Injury Assessment

  • Pointe Readiness Assessment

  • Maintenance/Injury Prevention

  • Body-work

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Jessica Koletsky


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“Jess made sure that each session was personable and productive. I knew that after a short session with Jess, I would be performance ready.” – L.B., dancer in Hamilton on Broadway
“Jessica Koletsky is one of the most patient and kind physical therapists I have had the honor to work with. She goes above and beyond with her clients and is incredibly helpful in explaining treatment and exercises to promote a speedy recovery time. I feel very lucky to have worked with Jessica during my dance career and I still continue to use her PT warm-ups and stretches before shows.” – L.C., dancer in Aladdin on Broadway

“Jessica was our resident PT on the National tour of West Side Story. Her dance background (paired with her expertise and excellent bedside manner), makes her uniquely positioned to treat dancers in their own language. When Jessica would treat me on tour, I could use dance terminology and she completely understood the kinesiology of each step first hand, and as a result, how to reverse whatever wear and tear I experienced. I would highly recommend her to any dancer seeking rehabilitation or general maintenance.” –A.F.,  dancer in Cinderella on Broadway

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