The Importance of Staying Active as Older Adults

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: The Importance of Staying Active as Older Adults

As humans, it is important to lead an active lifestyle. That being said, staying active as an older adult is just as important as being active in your younger years. There are many benefits of an older adult staying active. An active older adult ensures ageing healthily. Staying active also helps older adults feel more […]

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Concussions in Football

Physical Therapy Can Help Football Players Recover from Concussions

Football is widely considered the most popular sport in America due to its growing fan-base and the heavy amount of followers already existing. American’s can’t be blamed for falling in love with the game due to the fast paced, hard hitting style of play. A large majority of fans focus on the touchdowns and hits, […]

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Physical Therapy for Ankle Injuries

Physical Therapy Can Help Rehabilitate Ankle After Injury

If you’ve sprained or injured your ankle recently due to sports or daily activities, strengthening exercises should be performed. With most sprains you feel pain at the side of the ligament right away. Swelling will occur immediately and the ankle will be tender to touch. If you feel a pop or snap, chances are you […]

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Physical Therapy in Liberty

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness Liberty New York

Have you recently been injured and are seeking physical therapy in Liberty? Look no further than Access Physical Therapy and Wellness. At Access Physical Therapy and Wellness, we treat injuries and conditions with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Due to our ability to treat a large range of conditions for different parts of […]

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Physical Therapy for Biceps Rupture

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: Physical Therapy for Biceps Rupture

If you rupture a bicep you will experience a tear in the main tendon, that attaches the top of the biceps muscle to the shoulder. People who suffer from this injury can recover by doing physical therapy without needing surgery. Physical Therapy in Milford, PA can get you back on your feet from this injury […]

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Seeking Physical Therapy in Pomona?

Are you suffering from condition that causes you chronic pain such as fibromyalgia or arthritis? Did you sustain an injury while working or playing a sport? If you need physical therapy in Pomona, look no further than Access Physical Therapy and Wellness. We treat a variety of conditions and injuries through different techniques. We also […]

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