Plica Syndrome

Physical Therapy Can Help Improve Function in an Injured Knee

Plica syndrome (also commonly referred to as synovial plica syndrome) is a condition which occurs when the tissue of the inner lining of the knee joint becomes irritated. Synovial is a type of tissue surrounding a joint and is a normal structure found in many knees. However, the synovial plica are more prominent in some […]

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Torn Meniscus

Physical Therapy Can Help to Rehabilitate a Torn Meniscus

A torn meniscus is a serious injury occurring frequently in athletes and even more frequently in those over the age of 65. The tear is caused by a sharp, sudden twisting movement at the knee joint. Even though a meniscus tear can be extremely painful, there are many options other than surgery depending on the […]

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National Physical Therapy Month 2015

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: National Physical Therapy Month 2015

October is National Physical Therapy Month! This time of the year is the perfect opportunity to thank the physical therapists in our lives that have helped us increase both mobility and quality of life. It is also the perfect time to raise awareness to the importance of physical therapy for rehabilitation and wellness in our […]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help Arthritis

Physical Therapy Can Help Minimize the Effects of Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition involving the inflammation of the joints which affects millions of people on a day-to-day basis. This uncomfortable and painful disease unfortunately has no cure, but can be made more manageable through specific treatments. Physical therapy is a popular method for pain reduction. A physical therapist will work with you based on […]

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Resistance Training to Increase Endurance

Physical Therapy Can Help You Develop the Optimal Exercise Routine

When some people think of the word endurance in fitness, they tend to think of longer cardio sessions. Although that may be true, forgetting to utilize strength resistance training to build endurance can be a costly mistake. In order to build up your endurance, you need strong, efficient muscles to keep your body going. If […]

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Combating Friction Blisters

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: Combating Friction Blisters

Friction blisters remain the most common foot injury among athletes and non-athletes alike. Ironically, they also seem to be the least understood. A blister is formed by friction causing the top two layers of skin to rub together. The layers separate, and the space between fills with fluid—on the outside, it looks like a bubble. […]

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Tommy John Surgery

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: What is Tommy John Surgery?

In 1974, a devastating elbow injury nearly tore Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Thomas Edward John Jr.’s career from beneath his feet. He damaged his ulnar collateral ligament, or UCL, and feared his career may be over, or at least before he met team physician Dr. Frank Jobe. Dr. Jobe came up with an idea to […]

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