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Demand for physical therapy will grow 34% by 2024

Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This is, in part, due to the aging baby boomer generation, who are staying active later in life than the generations that came before them. With this growing demand, Access Physical Therapy & Wellness is positioning itself to be a market leader in the Hudson Valley, while maintaining the care and commitment to its patients that one would expect from this company.

convenient and cost effective ways
We collaborate with other practices, hospitals and health systems, and skilled nursing facilities to bring our services to patients who need them in convenient and cost effective ways.
provide the backend services
By partnering with other physical therapy practices that share our values, we provide the backend services such as billing, credentialing, accounting, marketing, and human resources, while allowing the therapists to focus on treating patients. This allows the clinic to see more patients without having to sacrifice the quality of service provided to them.
mutually beneficial
Our work with hospitals is also mutually beneficial. By delegating pre- and postoperative therapy to us, hospitals can provide therapy services to their patients on-site, without having to manage another department. This allows them to benefit from our staff and resources while holding Access accountable for patient outcomes and billing.
provide top-quality care
Skilled nursing, like physical therapy, is a growing industry due to the aging population. By contracting their therapy needs to Access, skilled nursing facilities can provide top-quality care without the paperwork and oversight required in managing their own therapy department. At Access, we focus on physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and we can lend our expertise to our partners in the skilled nursing industry.
on-site therapy services
We also provide on-site therapy services to the industrial and corporate community. By offering a free, on-site consultation, we can determine the therapy needs of your business, without risk. Employers who provide on-site therapy services to their employees often notice increased productivity, lower employer health care costs, and improved workplace safety.

Our Process


At Access Physical Therapy and Wellness, we work with many doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies to make sure that you can be treated when and where you want without a prescription.


Your evaluation will be approximately 45 minutes-1 hr. Wear comfortable clothing to Physical Therapy and change in the office if needed


Your treatment plan is based on an initial evaluation and adapted though ongoing reassessments. Most patients experience optimal benefits from three sessions per week, and typically receive a home exercise plan along with injury prevention/recovery education. Your therapist documents your activity and progress at every session, and performs reevaluations every four weeks or before physician appointments.


We are your “Feel Good Partners” for life; if you’re not feeling your best or have a new issue, give us a call or stop by one of our locations to be evaluated and get back on track. Yearly checkups are recommended to keep you feeling good and to access any areas that could become problematic.