Physical Therapy & Migraines

Physical Therapy Can Help Treat Some of the Underlying Causes of Migraines

Are you having trouble getting through an entire day without the constant chronic pain of a migraine?  Migraines and other headaches are extremely painful and can be present anywhere in the face, eyes, head, or neck. At Access Physical Therapy & Wellness, we understand the stress and panic that is associated with the intense pain […]

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Arthritis and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Can Help Minimize the Effects of Arthritis

Are you suffering from inflamed, painful, or stiff joints? Are you in misery when you try to do all the activities you love to do like dancing, playing sports, lifting your children or grandchildren, or going to work? Arthritis is one condition that can be incredibly crippling to someone, keeping them from living their life […]

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Parkinson’s Disease and Physical Therapy

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: Parkinson's Disease and Physical Therapy

Parkinson’s disease is currently known as the fourteenth top cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention, and the second most common degenerative brain disorder. Symptoms for Parkinson’s disease begin in people who are around 60 years old, and since these symptoms include shaking, stiffening, slow movements, […]

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What is Lymphedema?

Physical Therapy Can Help in the Treatment of Lymphedema

Lymphedema is an abnormal collection of lymph fluid between the tissue layers that can cause swelling, or edema, which can most commonly be present in the arm or leg, but can also occur in other parts of the body, like the breast, trunk, head or neck. Since the lymph fluid is rich in protein, it […]

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How to Fall Safely

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: How to Fall Safely

Falling is a serious concern for the elderly, people living with chronic pain, and people who have an uneasy balance or a hard time walking. Falling can cause serious injuries and can be a scary reality for any person that lives alone with no immediate help to rely on. In order to lower the risk […]

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What Is Gait Training?

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: What Is Gait Training?

We have all heard of weight training, but have you ever heard of gait training? When a baby is growing up and becoming more adventurous, they start to crawl around and eventually try to stand up. The more they crawl and attempt to stand up, the more they learn what it takes to walk and […]

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Chronic Pain and Falls

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: Chronic Pain and Falls

Older adults sometimes feel chronic pain and it often goes completely untreated or undertreated which may result in more frequent falls. According to a study done by the Journal of the American Medical Association, a link has been discovered between chronic pain and an increased number of falls in adults older than 70 years of […]

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Injury Care: R.I.C.E.

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: Injury Care: R.I.C.E.

Whether you are clumsy or stable, injuries are bound to happen. Injuries can be prevented but for some this requires more time spent being cautious and in turn can make some tasks seem limited. After an injury occurs, panic overloads the body. If you are severely injured please seek medical attention as soon as possible. […]

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Tips on Staying Warm This Winter

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: Tips on Staying Warm This Winter

The surprisingly warm weather has been more than welcomed by many as it seems we have skipped winter this year. Although the holidays have passed us by and the month of December has come to a close, winter weather seems to be making an appearance fashionably late. It is important we are prepared these next […]

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Resistance Training for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis From an Occupational Therapist’s Perspective

Osteoarthritis can be a very painful and debilitating condition, and a common mistake made by people with this condition is resting and avoiding exerting the arthritic joint when a flare up occurs. Proactivity is key when it comes to osteoarthritis. Under a professional’s supervision, a program of strategic resistance training and cardio can actually reduce […]

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