Preventing Golf Injuries

Warming Up for Golf

Springtime is here and summer is coming sooner than we know it! It’s time to prepare ourselves and our bodies for outdoor sporting. One sport known for getting us out and about in the beautiful weather is golf. Golf is known as a relaxing sport, but there are still so many ways one can hurt themselves. […]

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What is direct access to physical therapy?

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness would like to bring to your attention an option for physical therapy treatment that you may not be aware of: direct access. Direct access offers patients the ability to go to physical therapy without a prescription from their primary care physician. It allows you to receive treatment for your musculoskeletal […]

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Preparation for the Slopes

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness: How to Safely Prepare for the Slopes

Get your lift ticket out, it’s ski season! As people from all over the tri-state area travel to their favorite slopes, there’s more to think about than which run to hit first. Skiing is a very intense exercise that really strains your body. Between the constant weight shifting and breathing in the frigid air, this […]

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Adherence To Physical Therapy Program For Low Back Pain Can Reduce Overall Medicare Spend

Lower back pain patients who adhere to a standard physical therapy regimen with multiple visits cost less in overall Medicare expenditures than do patients with fewer outpatient therapy sessions, according to a new study from The Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (APTQI). The independent analysis, conducted by health care research firm The Moran […]

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