Physical Therapy is a profession whose practitioners utilize movement, various hands on techniques, exercise of all types, and modalities (heat, e-stem, Ultrasound, etc) in order to improve your potential to live the life you desire. Our goal is to assist you in achieving the highest, most safe level of activity possible over the shortest time period. We strive to find ways for you to learn to control any problems you may have.

Sports Medicine

Sustaining an injury is the fastest thing that could slow an athlete down. At Access PT, we have highly trained physical therapists who not only excel at addressing an injury of an athlete but can assist in preventing injuries to begin with. We focus on providing an accelerated program that will allow the athlete to return to the sport/activity as quickly and safely as possible. The programs are individualized to address the biomechanics and skills required of your particular sport while also providing education on a well-rounded training program.


Our highly skilled physical therapists excel at diagnosing, managing, and treating disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system including neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, or ankle pain. Access Physical therapists are proficient in evaluating and determine course of treatment as well as have the ability to determine if a consultation is required.

If surgery is required, we also provide excellent rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery. However, before you get too far ahead of yourself, consider our Pre-habilitation program. Pre-habilitation occurs prior to the surgery date and can prepare the body and facilitate better outcomes after surgical intervention. Our therapist focus on educating and review expectations of the surgery while beginning to address limitations in range of motion and/or strength. The pre-habilitation program often reduces the time required in therapy after the surgery and the pain and limitations noted.


Physical therapists can evaluate and treat many problems related to concussion.  Because no two concussions are the same, the physical therapist’s examination is essential to assess individual symptoms and limitations.  The physical therapist then designs a treatment program.  For dizziness or difficulty with balance following a concussion, vestibular therapy may help.  The therapist can provide specific exercises and training to reduce or stop dizziness and improve balance and stability.  The physical therapist will examine for neck problems following a concussion.  Neck injuries can cause headaches and contribute to some forms of dizziness.  The therapist can also assess for back and possible spine injuries.  As symptoms due to concussion improve, the physical therapist will help the patient resume general physical activity or sports safely, to avoid overloading the brain and nervous system that have been compromised by a concussion.  The physical therapist will help the patient return to school as appropriate as symptoms continue to improve.  This process should be a collaborative effort between the physical therapist, patient, patient’s family, tutor, and school staff members. 


Our physical therapists are skilled in treating individuals who suffer from vertigo, dizziness or a sense of imbalance.  Therapy can help anyone who has suffered from a stroke, head injury or concussion; has a history of inner ear problems; or is recovering from an acoustic neuroma.  Individuals who experience dizziness or balance problems from a neck injury, and elderly individuals who are more likely to develop a balance problem can also benefit from physical therapy.  Our therapists can provide specific exercises and training to reduce or stop dizziness and improve balance and stability.

Dance Wellness

Our Westchester Dance Rehabilitation program allows you to access your full potential with our specialist in dance medicine rehabilitation.  We offer on-site dance injury assessment, pointe readiness assessment, and maintenance/injury prevention body-work. Click here to learn more about our Dance Wellness services. 


Our certified lymphedema therapists will perform a one on one evaluation to create an individualized program to meet YOUR goals.  Treatment will include manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging, compression sleeves/pneumatic compression pumps, therapeutic exercises, skin care education and home exercise program.  Treatment is necessary to move fluid and protein out of the area, allow more movement of your joins, decrease the risk of cellulitis and infection of the blood stream, and increase the rate of wound healing and surgery site healing.  Our certified therapists will help reduce pain and improve/restore mobility.

Breast Cancer Rehab

Physical therapy can help address pain and limitations after breast cancer surgery.  Postmastectomy reconstruction syndrome describes the various neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, pain and functional problems that can affect the upper body following treatment for breast cancer

Work Conditioning

Access Physical Therapy & Wellness offers the combined expertise of highly-qualified clinicians with diverse backgrounds.  Our therapeutic approach encourages active communication between employees, employers, and the healthcare professionals that work with them.  The Work Conditioning program is specifically designed to address the patient’s needs in performing his/her essential job duties.  The goal of Work Conditioning is to achieve the highest level of function with a protocol that includes total body strengthening, stretching, and endurance exercises.  In addition, job-specific training better prepares the patient for a safer return to work.


As part of an expansion, Access now offers a pediatric treatment area to provide services for our younger patients and their families.  This area provides a safe, age-appropriate space for infants, toddlers, and young children to develop age-appropriate motor skills and functions.  Physical therapy sessions are play-based so that the participants have fun while working n range of motion, strength, mobility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination, sensory integration, and functional skills.  Our pediatric therapists will educate and collaborate with the family and fellow providers to develop and implement a plan to meet the child’s individual needs.  The physical therapist will perform an examination consisting of observation of motor and play skills, collection of data, and screening for delays in other areas.  The therapist will utilize this information to work with the family to develop a plan of care and determine goals for physical therapy intervention.

Athletic Training

Our athletic trainers work as liaisons between physicians, parents and coaches to coordinate care for injured players.  Our ATs are highly trained to prevent, assess, and rehab injuries, working on the field with the student athletes and coaches to help provide on-site training for acute injuries.  They collaborate with physicians and physical therapy staff at ACCESS to optimize activity and quality of life for student athletes.

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