Speech therapy is provided by a certified American Speech-Language-Hearing association and New York State licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  Our Speech-Language Pathologists identify, assess and provide therapy for speech, language and swallowing disorders.  Their focus is on promoting typical development of speech, language and feeding, regaining lost speech, language, and swallowing skills, using compensatory strategies to help an individual communicate effectively, and re-establishing safe swallowing abilities for respiratory safety.  When your ability to speak or to understand others is affected, or if you have trouble swallowing, our Speech Language Pathology department can help.  Our speech/language pathologists evaluate and treat disorders which may have resulted from surgery, facial injury, stroke, head injury or a developmental disability, just to name a few.  Such problems can affect people from infancy to the elderly.  After a thorough evaluation, sessions are designed to improve the targeted areas to promote more effective communication, where comprehension skills are as important to expression.  If necessary, speech language pathologists and radiologists will work together to perform special swallowing studies to aid in further evaluation of your deficits.  Other specialist services with our department include pediatric developmental delays, Parkinson’s BIG program, vital stimulation, and voice/music therapy. 


VitalStim Therapy is designed to help those suffering from dysphagia restore swallowing function through Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation.  Electrical stimulation is used to aid in muscle strengthening and swallowing rehabilitation.  VitalStim provides targeted stimulation to oral and/or pharyngeal muscles, accompanied by swallowing exercises and maneuvers provided by your therapist.  If you show signs of aspiration (food or liquid getting into the lungs) or have difficulty managing your diet, you may be a candidate for VitalStim Therapy.